”#MBLAQ friend~#Seungho thanks~ #it’s been a while~ Thats~chill!!! ”

cr: park minsu’s facebook

When Seungho gets a nice compliment…

4  - ∞ Favorite Seungho Moments

Seungho being dorky creative with stockings.

”I’ve never met my Mona Lisa yet. But someday when she came to me, I’ll hold her and never let her go.”  - Seungho [x]

seungho playing ping pong with his little brother seunghoon

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3  - ∞ Favorite Seungho Moments

Seungho being a cute little butterfly  εїз  

”I feel that Seungho is close enough to being my soulmate. There is no friend like him.”


2  - ∞ Favorite Seungho Moments

The man who knits even while dancing and singing